Crookedness Begets More Crookedness

It may not seem as though all hell has broken loose because through our own eyes everything appears fine, but there’s always that one crooked thing that puts everything in perspective.

Productive Suffering

Is suffering something we should expect to endure? Do we think suffering is something that we as Christians must be exempt from? Is our own suffering a sign of weakness on our own part?

Spiritual Amnesia

We follow a radical God and His Son. Let’s try to remember this long enough for it to matter. This means He is not dictated by anything: society, culture, trend, generations, emotions, thoughts, the world, etc…anything. The hard truth is if He is not dictated by such things and we are made in His image, we too…

Charis Explains It All: Christian Temptation, Part 1

I want you to take this personally because I can’t take it personally for you, but I would if I could. My concern is not with what the world has done this time (as the old folks might say), but with what believers have gotten themselves into this time.

About the Words of Charis and the Author

The Words of Charis have been long in the making. Most, if not all, have to do with my life as a believer of Christ, so the majority of these words are a combination of spirituality, confession, encouragement, warnings, and all things revealed to me as truths. Note, I said revealed to me; I do…